The Legend of Archibal

Chapter 4 What A Sight

Walter was unable to sleep that night. He had felt bad that Alden had lost his compass. He did not understand why he did not just go into the forest to fetch it. It was just a forest, after all. He was been into numerous ones not as spooky as the Black Forest but close enough. The haunted house back in the old town they lived in was as spooky as the Black Forest and probably the closet he has ever been in entering a forbidden place, but Alden was more than scared of the Black Forest.

When he told his mother about the incident and how Alden reacted toward the Black Forest, she shrugged and assumed Alden had a wild imagination. What about the town’s people, they also feared the Black Forest? Walter’s mother warned him about believing in tall tales. Most people just want to scare others for the sake of scaring them. He should not let his imagination run wild and that was that.

Maybe, he was still trying to adjust in Asbjorn, everything was different here than the places he had been. He wanted a bit of stability after the hardship his family has been through. His mother did whatever she could to sustain the family; cooked, cleaned, did laundry, sowed but for whatever reasons she was unable to maintain a job. His mother was never good at any of the positions that she applied for though she worked hard and only a few families were patient but patience was not enough to keep her job. She finally had written to their Uncle and Aunt in Asbjorn.

He really wished he could help Alden retrieve his compass but the last thing he wanted to do was get in trouble for entering the forbidden forest. He would just have to think of another way of getting the compass. He was about to roll over to fall asleep when he remembered that Alden had told him about brownies and how if you leave the milk and cookies they aid around the house. Walter quietly got out of bed, crept down the hall into the kitchen. Poured a glass of buttermilk on the table alongside a plate of Manchester tarts that he got from the Swan Inn. He slowly headed back to bed when he heard light footsteps from the kitchen. Walter thought it might be a rat but when he turned around to take a look, he stood facing a brownie, with a red, pointed cap, overalls, and a cherub face with red cheeks.