The Legend of Archibal

There was a funny smell in the air that Jacobi could not quite identify. The cauldron started boiling and purple smoke oozed out from it. A couple of small lizards scattered about and a stuffed owl was perched on some dead branch on the mantel piece. On all small windows hung a witch’s ball. It is said that they were used to ward off evil spells, ill fortune and goblins.

“I came here to inquire about a hunter?” he said startled when the door slammed behind him. “There has been a hunter that has been hunting animals. Not just any animal but creatures that have long since been deceased. I was told he was seen in the Black Forest with a crocotta.”

“Hunter, there is no hunter in the Black Forest,” she had a haughty frown. “I would know. No one gets pass me.”

“Well, I think someone did,” Jacobi said, defying her. “Or you would know.”

By now the witch was irritated. “I rule this forest! Nobody comes in without me knowing.”

“If that is the case,” Jacobi said. “What is a hunter doing in the Black Forest?”

The witch grabbed her crystal ball and started waving her hand around it. A grey smoke swirled inside the ball and clear images came into view. A large figure suddenly appeared. His eyes came into view as his face was covered by a black cloth. He carried a bow and arrow. He was alone and the crocotta was nowhere to be seen.

“Where does he come from,” Jacobi thought out loud, rubbing his chin with his thumb and forefinger.  “I had also seen a devil wolf a while back–”

“A devil wolf!” She sneered. “There are no devil wolfs around here, shorty.”

“What-Why!” Jacobi was befuddled by the witch’s statement. “Madam, my name is Jacobi and I did see a devil wolf,” he pouted.

“Devil wolves have not been seen in more than fifty years,” she contended, rolling her eyes at him. “What makes you so sure it was a devil wolf?”

“I know it was,” he said. “I have seen them before.”

“You’re that old, eh” she snickered.

Jacobi was losing his patience.