Fox X

Fox stood on top of the waterfall and patiently waited for the fish to swim up.

“Get ready now,” owl screeched from the top of the tree.

The first fish swamp up, but it slipped away from Fox’s paws.

“First time is never easy,” owl yelled.

The second fish swam up and was also able to swim past Fox.

“Almost had it,” owl yelled.

The third fish jumped up and slapped Fox on his face with its tail and escaped his paws.

“You’re just warming up. Don’t give up,” owl advised him. “Keep focused.”

The fourth and fifth fish were able to evade Fox’s gripe. Fox was beginning to get grumpy. He had seen Bear do it why was he having such difficulties? He shook off his wet fur and planted all his four paws in the water. He wasn’t going to let another fish bypass him.

“Don’t let the fish outsmart you,” owl said.

Fox focused and when a fish finally came up, Fox clasped him between his paws and grabbed him with his snout.

“You did it,” owl cheered.

Fox walked over to the river’s bank and began to enjoy his first catch. He went back to the waterfall and caught two more fish until his belly was full. He walked to the edge of the river and laid down. He wished he had thanked the owl, but he had flown away before he could.

That was nice of him to help me, thought Fox. Father never trusted another animal that wasn’t a fox.