The Legend of Archibal

He proceeded towards the Black Forest when from a distance he saw two older boys gibing two younger ones. Jacobi tried to edge closer to the boys but feared being discovered. He turned to the fox that had appeared beside him. “Cadi, I thought that was you I heard. I wonder what’s going on over there. Would it be possible for you to get close?” he said. The fox did not have to be told twice in an instant it transformed itself into a raven. It flew above the boys where she could hear the commotion.

“Give that back!” yelled Alden, the smaller of the two boys. “That’s my grandfathers!”

“Is that right,” said one of the older boys who had taken away the brass compass and was now holding it up in the air, away from the small boys reach. “I think I am going to keep this.”

“Give it back to him, Sullivan,” said Walter, Alden’s friend.

“Who’s going to make me?” taunted George. “You! Ha, ha. The foundling boy. Where is your father?”

“He is not a foundling!” Alden shot back.

“He is so,” said Thomas. “Any boy without a father is a foundling. Everybody knows that.”

The Sullivan brothers, George and Thomas were out hunting a deer when Alden and Walter accidentally came upon them. Without realizing the brothers were hunting, Alden stepped on a twig scaring off the deer. The brothers were not very pleased. George turned around with a nasty look in his face. He had grabbed Alden by his shirt and scolded him for scaring off the deer. George was so angry he practically spit as he yelled. George then caught sight of the brass compass Alden was holding. Snatched it away as payment for the lost deer, and that is where Jacobi and Cadi found them.