Fox IX

“Well, here we are,” said the owl as he perched himself high up on a tree.  “And there he is.”

They had reached a river that fell into a small waterfall. Fox had never seen anything like it. At the top of the waterfall stood a great big bear waiting for the fish to jump up and just like that the bear caught one with his paws. How splendid, Fox thought. It seemed easy enough. When the bear finished his fish he went after another as it jumped in the air. It looked like the fish were jumping in to the bears arms. How was it possible?

“Bear, is a bit lazy,” said the owl. “It’s just easy for him to wait on top of that waterfall and let the fish come to him.”

“But why would the fish do that?” Fox wanted to know.

“They are rather simpleton,” owl said. “They are going back up river to return to where they were born. Why they left in the first place, I can’t understand myself.”

Fox proceeded to go where the bear was and perch next to him.

“Where are you going?” hissed the owl.

“To where he is,” pointed Fox.

“Don’t be silly,” said the owl. “He will certainly kill you if you go near him. Bear is not someone you want to go near. He is a rather  a grumpy fellow. Hates to be bothered especially while he is eating. Wait till he is done.”

“Very well,” Fox wasn’t going to disagree with owl. He sat down and watched the bear catch one fish after another. It seemed easy enough and when Bear left Fox took his place on top of the waterfall.