The Legend of Archibal

Chapter 3 Walter

The next morning Bedrich and Jacobi had a large breakfast. He then bid farewell to Jacobi and headed north to visit his other relatives. After Bedrichs’ visit, Jacobi had wanted to do some chores but he felt restless at the thought of the hunter and the devil wolf. Something urged him to visit the Black Forest. Was the hunter after the last remaining devil wolf? Was it really a devil wolf he saw? He shook his head and tried to convince himself that he probably mistook the creature for some other animal. It can happen, but Jacobi felt he probably could get his answer from the witch that lived in the heart of the Black Forest. If that was the last devil wolf wouldn’t it be fair to save it? With a conviction, Jacobi decided to travel to the Black Forest. He grabbed his staff headed out the door.

It took him three days to reach the boundaries of the Black Forest. From a hill, he could see a cloud of grey haze covering the forest. It was said that the haze was a spell that kept it enchanted. Nobody knows who cast the spell, though the rumor was that an evil witch or sorcerer had enchanted the forest to forbid trespassers from entering. For centuries it remained enchanted only a few dared to enter. Jacobi knew where the witch lived; it was considered the most treacherous part of the forest. Those who got near were cursed for life, but Jacobi was not afraid as most brownies were

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