The Legend of Archibal

He untied his bindle from the stick and with the stick he tapped the ground before him. In an instant a small fire began from nothing. From his bindle he also produced food for himself and his companion. Cadi sat beside him and with inquisitive eyes she watched as he brought out mince pies, sandwiches and biscuits. Bedrich had a sweet tooth and would never leave home without cakes when he travelled, he also had a hearty appetite.

By the time the skies had darkened, Bedrich had finished eating. He patted his tummy in contentment. He turned to look at the fox beside him, finishing her mince pie. He looked at her with deep thought. There was something unusual about the fox that he could not quite put his finger on. Sometimes when he looked into the creature’s eyes, they were not a fox’s eyes he saw but a hint of human gaze. He has seen an array of creatures, travelled many lands before, but the fox and its eyes were unique. He had found her with an arrow in her thigh almost near death. He brought her back to life and he had encountered her ever since. She was a gentle fox, not like the others, who were weary of stranger’s even brownies like him. Though, his friend Leos was great with animals and they trusted him, but not all creatures were alike.

He had spent his nights under the stars numerous times and every time it was if he had seen it for the very first time. He knew these lands like the back of his hand and along the way he always stumbled upon the fox during one of his travels. Bedrich dozed off thinking of all the creatures he had come upon, indeed some were beautiful and others had been grotesque.

The next morning, he was up before the first rays of sun touched the sky. He had just finished breakfast and the fox was eating its share. Suddenly, something rustled in a distance and the fox perked up. She looked off to the right, her ears went straight up, and her body stiffened. In an instant she was gone. It was time for Bedrich to continue on his way. It took him two more days to finally reached Jacobi’s home, his aunt’s son, who actually was his cousin.

Jacobi greeted him as Leos had. “Cousin!” Jacobi happily cried out. “It is good to see you, dear old cousin. What news does your travels bring?”

“Just the same old news, cousin,” Bedrich said.

“Come inside, come inside,” Jacobi said. “I was just ready to have some tea and biscuits.”

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