The Legend of Archibal

The next day they both rose early and had breakfast. Bedrich picked up his bindle from the entrance and said goodbye to Leos promising to pass by on his way back home. With his belly full and his bindle over his shoulder he began his trek through the Black Forest. He did not stop much, he had a long way to go and wanted to get to his next stopover without delay. He passed through thick, dense bushes, tall trees, three streams, and even a witch’s shanty.

He has never seen the witch before and she barely caused any trouble for him. He had met worse witches than her, some so mean they would put a hex on you just for treading near their home. Bedrich was not worried he never bothered with them and they never bothered him. Though, his uncle came upon a witch once that turned him into a mouse; he never saw his uncle again. He did not harbor ill will toward witches, last time he heard there were only a few of them left. Anyhow, there were worse things than witches to worry about, much more. With his spirits high, Bedrich kept on his path. Three days later he was able to cross the Black Forest without much incident. After three days of gloominess he was happy to see the sun again.

He headed up north and was about the turn right when something from a nearby bramble caught his eye. It appeared that the bramble was shacking. Brambles do not tremble, not any that he ever seen. He decided to get a closer inspection. He slowly crept towards it when the head of a fox peaked out from the bramble. Bedrich let out a giggle.

“Why, it’s only you Cadi,” he said, amusingly. “You almost gave me a fright, there.” He patted the fox on the head. “That is all right,” Bedrich said. “I knew I would find you along my route. How have you been Cadi? I was about to start dinner, would you like to join me?” The fox nuzzled him with her snout.

“Of course, of course,” he said. “You must be hungry too.”

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