The Legend of Archibal

Leos had lived for many years in the Black Forest, he had seen every creature known to mankind. He had once encountered the elusive winged unicorn and even the Griffin. The legendary winged creature with the body of a lion and a head of an eagle. It is considered the most powerful and majestic of all animals, making him the king of all creatures. There are legends that say he guards treasures and priceless possessions, but they are just legends. The Black Forest is regarded as an enchanted place beautiful but yet dangerous for travelers. Leos was aware of the gentle creatures that roam the Black Forest but he also knew of the baleful ones. Regardless, Leos took care of them and ameliorated them all.

“What news does the forest bring, Leos?” said Bedrich.

“Well,” Leos began. “Another fellow from the north has voyaged into the forest looking for that witch again.”

“Oh, dear,” said Bedrich. “That is very unfortunate.”

“Yes, yes,” said Leos. “I have also caught wind that there has been a crocotta lurking around?”

“A crocotta?” Bedrich said bewildered. “Never heard of those roaming around here. What could it be doing?” A crocotta is said to be half wolf and half dog other times it is assumed to be half hyena and half lion as large as a bear, a vicious creature who can imitate any voice from human to animal. Bedrich has encountered a few of them during his travels, but that was more than fifty years ago. It was best to stay out of their way and as a brownie he was able to stay invisible when he so desired.

“I do not know myself,” said Leos. “You hear many strange things living in the forest. This crocotta has also been seen accompanied by a hunter.”

“A hunter you say?” Bedrich said. “Walking beside a crocotta? That is strange indeed. Are you sure it was a hunter, cousin?”

“I would have never believed it myself had badger here hadn’t escape its grip,” Leos said, gesturing toward the sleeping badger. “He was the usual hunter, with his bow and arrow. He did move as fast as the crocotta but he was swift. They worked as a team, while he sneaked on land, the creature walked on trees. They went south.”

“What would a human be doing with a crocotta?” Bedrich said.

“I wonder that myself,” Leos said, finishing his tea. As night fell they spoke of many other things. When it got too late, they went to bed.

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