The Legend of Archibal

After a day of walking, Bedrich could see Leos lodge just a few feet away. Some would have mistaken it for a beavers lodge, but beavers lodge do not have chimneys with smoke swirls coming out of it. As Bedrich grew closer he could hear the sounds of frogs croaking near the stream. He could also hear Leos talking loudly to someone. Leos was somewhere outside but it was hard to see where because of the tall grass that blocked Bedrichs’ view. He followed Leos voice that echoed through the calm stream. He knew he was close by when he saw bugs flying above the water, pushing through the grass Leos came into view. He seemed preoccupied with a badger that seemed to be injured.

“Hold still! Hold still!” Leos said. “It will only take a minute. It is going to hurt.” He smeared on something green and gooey onto the injured badger who winced and wiggled in Leos hands. “There, there all better now,” Leos said, patting the badger on the head.

“Halloo!” Bedrich greeted Leos who had been unaware of his approach. Leos turned around to greet him.

“Cousin!” exclaimed Leos.

Leos and Bedrich were not cousins but brownies always considered each other family. Leos was a bit taller than Bedrich and less round too. He wore a green pointed cap, a yellow shirt, brown overalls, and black boots. He had the same pale white hair with matching full beard and rosy cheeks. Some would say they were cousins.

“Good to see you, good to see you!” Bedrich said. “I see you are still caring for the wounded.”

“Aye, Bedrich,” Leos smiled. “Trying to do my part. Would you care to rest your feet?” It was only polite to invite a visitor for tea.

“I certainly would, Leos.”

They walked inside Leos lodge which was as comfy as any home could be. The badger followed behind them.  Leos put a small cauldron in a fire pit that lit itself without help from Leos. Water began to slowly simmer in the black pot. Bedrich put down his bindle near the door and took a seat near the fireplace. The badger curled itself up in a corner of the room and fell asleep. Leos put together a plate of Chorley cakes, made some tea and handed it to Bedrich. For a moment they sat sipping and eating cakes in silence.

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