The Legend of Archibal

It was a lovely day for a walk, the sky was blue, a breeze was blowing and birds chirped from the trees. As he walked deeper into the heart of the Black Forest the trees began to obstruct the sky, sounds were muffled and distorted. Shadows loomed from all sides and soon the atmosphere was eerie almost suffocating. Most would have become frighten but not Bedrich. From a distance he could hear the trampling of hooves on the sleek ground. He turned to see the silhouette of a Pterippi, a winged horse. Not very often does anybody get to see them, they are very timid animals. Bedrich had seen many things that would amaze most travelers.

Once when he was visiting his family up north he came upon the Teumessian Fox. A giant fox as big as a large dog destined never to be caught or so the legend says. He had heard about them but until that day he never came across one. Even more unique than the Teumessian Fox was the winged unicorn. It is said that they are different and rarer because of their beautiful wings. Leos swore he had seen one but that was long time ago and his eye sight was not very good. Leos had seen many strange things but like Bedrich he was not bewildered as most humans would be. They were brownies and brownies are strange creatures themselves.

Leos lodge lay immersed into the heart of the Black Forest, where the sun barely shone through the thick branches and trees. Bushes were overgrown, some tangled with brown vine filled with thorns, very sharp thorns. The deeper Bedrich went the darker it got and the quieter and still it became. There was rustling of leaves from shrubs, something stirred behind them, while eyes from above and below looked down as Bedrich passed by. The presence of something was always nearby.

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