The Legend of Archibal

The grandfather clock in the hall began to strike five, soon the grandmother and the girl would be awake. It was time for Bedrich to go to bed as he yawned and stretched. He crept back into the hole that would disappeared once he was inside. He made his way back into his bedroom where he carefully got into his pajamas and slithered back into his nice, warm bed. It had been a good day for Bedrich. He blew out the candle on his night stand and rolled over in his covers. From where he laid he could hear the girl exclaiming about the dress with joy to her grandmother. Only the grandmother knew about the brownie who shared their home. Bedrich smiled.

Each brownie resided leagues away from each other; there were special occasions where they all gathered in revelry, coming from long distances to meet and greet their fellow brownies. Bedrich fancied those occasions but there were certain seasons of the year where he travelled far and wide to visit family and friends. Bedrich did not live to work every day as one might think and soon it was time for him to travel. He decided to visit his friend Leos who lived deep in the Black Forest. He had not seen his friend since last fall and thought it was time for a stopover.

By this time fall had arrived, bringing along its vibrant colors of orange, red, yellow and browns; infused with golds and copper all melted into a pot and sloshed onto the land. Fallen leaves swayed onto the ground, stirred by the cool zephyr. Bedrich enjoyed his treks during the fall, he got to view the wonderful smells and sights of autumn in the Black Forest. Not many humans ventured into the Black Forest and they certainly did not enjoy setting foot in there if they did not have to. Many were afraid of what lie ahead. There were stories among them that flowed through the grapevine. Stories that terrified the young and brought trepidation to the old. Most who did dare to set foot in the Black Forest were never seen again. Those that were never seemed recall who they were or where they came from. Eventually going mad, some say they were bewitched. How many of the stories were true, no one really knows. Bedrich was not afraid, he has been inside the Black Forest and has seen nothing of the tall tells he heard humans talk about. Then again, Bedrich was a brownie and they were known to be moxie. He was accustomed to seeing the most extraordinary creatures.

He packed his bindle with the essentials and began his two day journey to Leos lodge, nestled near a stream that ran right through the forest. He threw his bindle over his shoulder and with a bounce to his step he walked into the forest with his spirits high. He was indeed a sight to see.

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