The Legend of Archibal

Chapter 2 The Brownie

Brownies were one of the magical creatures that lived among humans. One in particular inhabited a small hut on the edge of town near a wooded area called the Black Forest. He was a small fellow, smaller than a house cat, who lived in a hole in the wall of an old hut. His home was a very comfortable place, indeed it was, where he worked through the night and slept through the day. If you have never seen a brownie before that is because they do not like to be seen. They like working at night and for an exchange of food they are happy to do tasks around the house.

Where he lived he was mostly undisturbed, his human companions was an older woman and her grandchild. During the day while he slept the women and her grandchild spent their days in the kitchen stirring pots, kneading bread, and concocting delicious aromas that filled the house all day long. He had pleasant dreams as the smell wafted in through the hole where he lived. He smiled in his sleep and dreamt about ginger breads, stews of every kind, cakes and breads. It made his tummy rumble.

When night fell and everything stood still, he would arise from his wooden bed, stretched and yawned. He slowly started his day, lit the candle on his bed stand, and wearily walked to the basin where he filled it with water. He splashed his face with cold water and wiped it dry with a towel. Bedrich was an unusual looking brownie with pale white hair, a matching beard, and rosy cheeks that harmonized with the twinkle in his big, hazel eyes.

He got dressed in his little red shirt, brown overalls, black shoes and a red pointed cap. By the time he was done, he felt his tummy grumble. He closed his eyes in delight, recalling his dreams, rubbed his tummy. He was ready to venture out from his hole into the kitchen where he was sure to find something good to eat. So out the hole the brownie went, into the dark living room past a mannequin dressed in a tattered frock, through the dark hallway, into the dark kitchen.

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