The Legend of Archibal

When he did take students he taught them as the great thinkers, knights, or warriors, but there is always a rotten apple. That is what happened when he took in his last student, Grigori, a mystical healer whom he worried might have a streak of madness. Nevertheless, he taught him to be remarkable. As Adriano had once said to him, “Sometimes not all roads lead to great discoveries. When someone destroys a building, another will come to rebuild it. That is how we create great leaders.”

Grigori indeed became exceptional but his heart was dark and cold. He weaved his way into the kingdoms, straining relationships between them. Tt did not take the long for the storm to get bigger. The young wizard tried to persuade Grigori to change his ways, but Grigori only wanted sovereignty. He made the storm arrive and engulfed all the kingdoms in the amuck. “If you don’t stand with us,” cried a King. “Then you stand against us all!” And so they fought against each other; the wizards and witches soon turned on each other and against the humans. Grigori made the humans blame the wizards, while he made the wizards blame the humans. The war lasted for a hundred years. An obscurity hovered over the lands, many brave souls’ wizard and human lost their lives; others were lost in the melee. Everyone was losing hope, deserting their comrades in the middle of the battlefield.

Among the chaos, stories of a young wizard swirled around the battlefields. He fought against Grigori and protected the innocent. His bravery was unmeasured; he fought against the forces of darkness with all his might. He was admired for his calmness and his tenacious determination. He gave hope where there was none, built confidence where it faltered, and brought assurance to their future when it seemed bleak. They said he fought to the very end, even when he saw comrades and friends perish time and time again.

When the war ended and the smoked cleared it was evident that destruction, poverty, famine and pother was everywhere. Everybody went back home. From the ensuing struggle came individuals that took advantage of the weakened land and its people. It became known as the Dark Ages; nothing was ever the same again. Of the fifteen thousand wizards and witches that existed only twenty three remained. They were driven out of towns and cities, practicing their ancient art in secret. They were scattered to the wind making their homes in far places secluded from humans.

Grigori was assumed missing as were other wizards and humans. Rumors began to stir that he had vanished far into the mountains. There was even search parties conducted to bring him back to face justice for his crimes. No one was able to find him; but the young wizard found Grigori’s body in the ruble and quietly buried him in an unmarked grave. It was best he lay forgotten. The young wizard returned to the school closing the doors forever. With time it also became forgotten.

Some say magic vanished but it did not completely disappear, it just remained hidden from humans. All was left were stories and myths. Not all was forgotten, some humans still believed in their magic and sought them out in wooded areas, swamps, dens and even the highest mountains; and if they were lucky enough to encounter one they sought out their help. Even though, wizards and witches kept out of public view, there were those magical creatures that still lived among people. They say if you believe in them you can see them right before your eyes.


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