The Legend of Archibal

He created a school with the slogan saying, ‘Cui Servire Regnare Est,’ Latin for ‘whom to serve is to reign.’ Balendin did not just take any young boy, he handpicked them from the millions of boys who sought him out. Some he found through his journeys when he was unhappy with the inadequacy of the eager youths that stopped at his door. They all wanted to be the next King Arthur, but not everyone could be a King. Balendin did not just teach Kings, he taught others to be great thinkers, artists, warriors or wizards. Before retiring, he trained another wizard who would be taking his place. Balendin had grown weary and he knew his time to leave this earth had arrived. As Merlin had once done, Balendin wandered to the unknown never to be seen again.

Years went by, seasons changed, the world was as it should be. The big manor where the school was instituted had seen many mentors come and go. Always leaving a mark in history with students they had taught. Adriano was among the predecessors of Merlin’s teachers at the school. Adriano was an excellent wizard having taught for nearly a hundred years. He was close to being a hundred and fifty years old. When the time came it was his turn to hand over the key to the school to his young apprentice. As it always went, this was to be his last student. “It is time, you take charge,” Adriano told his apprentice one day. “It’s time for me to go.”

“Where are you going?”

“I have grown weary,” he smiled kindly to his young apprentice.

“You will be going alone?”

“Alone, I came to this world” he said to him. “Alone, I shall go.” Adriano retired from public life and vanished. The young apprentice took over the school with the same zeal as his mentor, but through the years, students were getting hard to come by. Not many boys came knocking as they once use to. Being a knight was not as important as it once was. Many of them were being drafted to armies. War was brewing among different kingdoms. All wanting power, all wanting more land.

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