Beyond The Woods 10

“I didn’t kill them,” he yells back. “I didn’t do it.”

“Samuel, don’t make this harder than it should be,” I tell him.

“It wasn’t me,” he says. “I didn’t do it.”

He finally stops in front of the vacant spot where Lucy’s cabin stood. I catch up to him, getting a better view of Samuel’s distraught visage.

“I didn’t do it,” Samuel’s eye began to swell in tears. “I tried to stop him, but, when I reached them it was too late. He killed them all and he will kill her too.”


“That man,” he points to the woods. “The one that visits her. I’ve seen what he does. I know what he’ll do.”

“How do you know its him?”

“Because I saw him kill Mary,” Samuel tearfully said. “I fend him off, but it was too late. I injured his eye before he evaded me… I need to stop him before he hurts Lucy.”

I believed Samuel. His feelings for Lucy and the guilt he felt for what happened to his family seem to overwhelm him. Samuel disappeared once more, leaving me standing alone.

I managed to reach Willingby and tell Ranger Wilson my encounter with Samuel. He hadn’t heard good news himself about this stranger. He had the same description as the one wanted for other numerous murders. I realized Lucy was in danger.

“With this weather and Muja still out there it will be harder for us to reach Lucy,” Ranger Wilson said.

“We haven’t much choice,” I said and decided to make my way to her cabin.

With rain pouring down, it was making visibility difficult for us, but we managed to reach the cabin. When we approached, I sensed something was amiss. The door was swinging open. I took my gun out from my holster and Ranger Wilson followed suite. I called out for Lucy, but there was no answer. I creep inside and find the cabin vacant. Lucy’s wheelchair had been knocked to the side. With the downpour it was hard to see any footprints in the soggy soil coming or going. I don’t see anybody around, however in a distance, Muja’s tail is disappearing into the rains mist, heading towards the river.  Was I too late? I can only assume the worst.