Beyond The Woods 8

Lucy’s cabin was shuddering from the overwhelming waters that flowed beneath her. Her cabin was cracking and creaking from the weight as the rain began to seep in. Her trapped door had swung open and there staring at her was Muja. A frightened Lucy turn to run when, Muja, lunged towards her breaking the floor boards apart. Lucy struggled to hang on to the boards as they were lifted up in the air by the weight of the alligator. Lucy cried for help, but no one could hear her muffled cries through the storm. Muja crept slowly towards her as she clung to the boards. She tried to crawl up higher, slowly slipping into the jaws of Muja.

Mr. Darwin had reached her cabin and heard Lucy screaming the cries of a dead man. We weren’t far behind him when we heard her too. A shiver went down my spine when I saw her cabin being overtaken by the river. I could see Mr. Darwin in front of us and without further hesitation we all ran to Lucy’s aid. To my horror, we saw her being swallowed by Muja. Mr. Darwin pointed his musket towards the creature as I and Ranger Wilson rushed to pull her away. Mr. Darwin shot his musket as many times as he could until Muja let Lucy free from his grasp, slithering back into the river.

Lucy had fainted into my arms as we hurried her to the hospital. I never thought she would make it, but she did. When I had heard she had awoken, she had become distraught. Though, she didn’t lose her life to Muja she did lose her right leg. Many times I wanted to see her, but Lucy wouldn’t let me.

A few months later when the rains had subsided for a brief moment, she was released from the hospital to a once more vacant spot on the river where her cabin stood. The river had washed it away again. One afternoon, I found her sitting in her wheel chair facing the empty spot. As I approached her she repudiated me.

“Go away,” she rebuffed me. “Go away.”

If it wasn’t for Mrs. Darwin, Lucy would have stayed out there, uncaring that the rains had returned. Mrs. Darwin had a cabin that once belonged to her late mother and let Lucy live there while winter grappled on. Lucy had to wait for spring before she could rebuild her cabin again. I was told she wasn’t herself lately and rarely spoke a word. Losing her leg must have broken her spirit.