XII – The Doctor

The Doctor could hear the sounds of war echo in his head. The screams of dying man, gun shots, the whizzing of bullets as men fought against one another in the battlefield. They were in the mist of the bloodshed. He had seen these creatures. They were neither against men nor with them. They had their own agenda and took advantage of it. They preyed on the weak and injured soldiers. The doctor recalls them and it sent shivers down his back. Why were they here?

“I’ve calmed her,” John said as he descended the stairs.

The doctor looked at him confused. For a moment his mind was still in the past, caught in the melee.

“My sister,” John acknowledge. “She was worried about you.”

“Worried about me?” the doctor was slowly rejoining the present.

“Yes,” John said. “When I told her you were staying in the barn she got worried about you. She thought you were in danger.”

“Is that why you were out there?” the doctor asked.

“Well, yes,” he said. “I went to fetch you. I thought I could reach the barn, but they circled me before I did. I don’t know what I would have done if you hand’t come along. Thank you.”

The doctor nodded.

“I never could get a good look at them,” John said. “They stay in the darkness. Always in the dark. I know they are there. I can see them clearly against the obscurity, but they never seem to step into the light. As if they are afraid of it. That’s why I posted those lanterns. The wind must have knocked them down. Could you see what they look like?”

“I-I thought they looked like werewolves,” the doctor eyed the man nervously.

“Werewolves,” John looked surprised. “They don’t look like werewolves I’ve ever seen. These creatures are grotesque with red eyes and claws larger than a bears paw. They travel in packs, doc. Every night we hear them.”

“How long ago have you been hearing them?”

“About a few winters ago… I can hear them now.”

They both became quiet and heard various long howls coming from outside. The scuffling of their feet could be heard on the porch. What happened next alarmed both men.