XI – The Doctor

Whatever those creatures were they didn’t stop howling. Half the night the doctor could hear them from the barn. It was harrowing. He had found another spot in the barn to lay down, but sleep didn’t come so easily. He wasn’t curious enough to see what the creatures were doing, he assumed they were just prowling the barn and house. The doctor sat up. He had forgotten about the man and his sister living in the house. He wondered if he should check on them when he heard a scream come from the house.

“Please, John, come back!” yelled the sister from the house. “John, come back!”

The doctor stood up and with one wave of his hand he made a window like image appear to see what was happening. The man, John had left the safety of the house. He hadn’t gotten far when he was surrounded by the creatures. He held up his kerosene lamp and every time one approached him he would thrust his lamp towards it making the creature retrieve.

The doctor needed to help him. He put away his amulet, grabbed the kerosene lamp and carefully opened the door. With all his might he ran like hell towards John. The creatures stepped aside when the doctor came through, he caught John by his sleeve and pulled him along towards the house. They both ran as fast as their legs could go, up the porch into the house. John slammed the door and slid the metal latch across it. The doctor’s heart was racing as he struggled to catch his breath.

“Did you-did you see what they looked like,” John gasped for air.

Before the doctor could respond, the sister called out for her brother.

“John, John are you there!” she cried out.

“I need to go see if she is all right,” John said and went up the stairs.

The doctor was left alone wondering how many of them were out there. Six of them had surrounded the man.  There was more than those six, but he hadn’t seen where they were and that worried him. He knew what they were. He had encountered them once before long, long time ago.