VII – The Doctor

The doctor had come a long way from the city to see a patient in Dacia, a town most people avoided. He didn’t know much about the town or its history. The man who brought him here his sister was ill and no other doctor was willing to travel to Dacia to see her. He couldn’t understand why other doctors had refused, but then he wondered what lay in Dacia because even Archibal, his mentor, warned him about the place. He told him to never go out at night, no matter what he heard or saw. The doctor was getting the sense that there was more than darkness to it and he didn’t like it at all.

When he and the man reached the farm house the man didn’t waste any time and took him to his ailing sister. She lay unconscious on the bed, suffering to what seem to be a cold. She looked feverish and pale. The doctor placed his hand on her forehead. She had a high fever.

“We need to lower her fever,” the doctor said urgently as he pulled up his sleeves. “Get me a basin with cold water and a rag.”

The man did as he was told. The doctor instructed him to soak the rag in the water and lay it across her forehead while he rummaged through his bag. He took out a needle and a vial. He filled the needle and injected the girl with the serum. He then began examining her arms and legs, searching for traces of anything abnormal, a bite, a rash, even a cut, but she had none. Though, the doctor practiced man’s medicine, sometimes he did relied on magic. The girl hadn’t improved much while he was there. He knew he couldn’t just leave her. For now, he had to wait. He sat in the corner of the room and watched. The man waited with him sitting silently beside his sisters bed.