V – The Doctor

The doctor was unable to sleep that night and decided to read up on his medical book he brought along. He added more coal to the fireplace before sitting down at the desk. As he set the candle holder on the table the candle was snuffed out by the sudden gust of air that blew in from the open window. The Doctor quickly went to close it. He straightened up when he saw a reflection in the window. Most people would have been frightened by the sight, but not the doctor. He turned to greet the man.

“Hallo, Archibal,” the doctor greeted him.

“Hallo, Warwick or should I say doctor,” said Archibal.

“I see you found me.”

“I must say it wasn’t easy… Traveling to another time was pretty clever of you. I’ve been keeping an eye on you.”

“Have you? What made you think I wanted to be found?”

“I understand how you feel,” said Archibal. “The wounds are fresh, I see. You haven’t been sleeping well, have you?”

“No,” the doctor sounded defeated. “I can’t stop reliving it. I can’t stop seeing people die.”

“It happens to all of us,” Archibal assured him. “Sometimes its best to keep the mind busy. Disappear for a while… As you have.”

“Was there a reason you were looking for me?” the doctor didn’t want to be reminded.

“Aye, I came to see you before you left to Dacia. Have you ever been there?”

“No, never.”

“Then you never heard the scuttlebutt surrounding Dacia.”

“No, I haven’t,” the doctor admitted.

“Dacia is considered a very old town with old traditions,” said Archibal. “Even during our time it was avoided. Of course, there was the schlemiel that would stumble upon the town. But, You are a man of science, someone who disregards the unfounded fear. I can not persuade you to not go.”

“What ever do you mean?”

“There is something dark surrounding Dacia. I caution you to be careful,” Archibal’s tone was serious. “If you were astute as I think you are you would have brought your amulet for protection.”

“I don’t use my amulet… I’ve seen what magic can do to others.”

Archibal gave him a slight nod. He understood the doctor and his feelings towards magic. The doctor wasn’t his pupil no more and he had grown into a man no longer believing in such things.

“I won’t take up your time,” Archibal said. “It was good to see you, Warwick… One more thing. Whatever you do, whatever you hear, don’t go out at night. No matter what.”

And in a flash, Archibal was gone.