Peter’s Shadow

Peter had just escaped from someone who was going to sell him to the mills. He was still running, forgetting he had left his shadow, MacFie behind. He was too scared to stop and only wanted to get as far away as he could. He hid an alley way and stayed there to catch his breath. He has never been through the city before, at least not by himself. Father Clery was always with him, but he wasn’t with Father Clery. He was alone. It was only then that Peter realized he was completely alone, without MacFie. What was he to do?

“You there?” shouted a police officer. “What are you doing? Don’t you know children aren’t supposed to be out here this late at night!”

Peter became startled at the police man approaching him. Peter should have felt safe seeing someone in uniform, but his heart was still racing from the last fright and was uncertain about the trouble he was getting into. What if he took him to the mills? What was going to happen to him? Would he ever see Father Clery again? He didn’t want to go to the mill or anywhere else. Without thinking much further he took off again.

“Come back here, boy!” cried the policeman.

Peter took a turn then another turn. He wished he knew he was going. He wished he could go back to the orphanage at least he would be safe there. Fatigue was setting in and his legs couldn’t run any longer. He was finally tired and needed somewhere to catch his breath.  He wondered if MacFie could find him. He sat on the steps of a building and waited. That was all he could think to do. Suddenly, he started to feel cold. Why had Franklin runaway? Was he that unhappy at the orphanage? Peter tried to think of the reasons he would runaway, but he couldn’t think of any. Was Franklin taken to the mills? Would he ever see his friend again?

Peter put his head down on his arms. Father Clery would surely be upset when he discovers that Peter and Frankin were gone. Right now, Peter wanted to be found and where was MacFie? He was lost and had no idea where Franklin was. Why did he think he could find him? The city looked different in the dark. It was stranger and scarier. He didn’t want to be lost surely MacFie will find him.