I – The Doctor

From his darkened room, he could see the moon light seeping into his bedroom window. The light was mesmerizing as if it was whispering something to him. Something he couldn’t quite hear. Maybe it was the reason he couldn’t sleep at night. He was often awake, unable to close his eyes no matter how weary he was. Sleep never came easy to him. It was discouraging to the young doctor. He tried using the strongest medicine he could find to cure his insomnia and even concocted his own. To no avail, his mind was too strong and his body could only comply. Unable to fight it he lay awake many countless nights.

Willing to surrender to his affliction, he decided to take a stroll through the vacant streets. Outside was a bit cool, the raining season had started and it made the cobblestone streets sleek. He had seen horses slip on these roads, sadly some had to be put down. During the night the streets had taken a different life. A new set of people walked about not the kind he would see during the day. He saw a few constables roaming about, but, the doctor like everyone else, avoided them. The few constables he had encountered eyed him suspiciously. He wasn’t too surprised. A man of his status shouldn’t be meandering the streets this late  at night unless he was up to no good. But, the doctor had other worries on his mind to be disoblige by tribulation.

He turned the corner onto Greenwich street and instantly repented he had taken that turn. He saw a man being knifed by someone else. He had never witnessed a murder before. Startled, the killer escaped, realizing he had been watched. The doctor had also hurried out of there. He was a block away when he became aware that the wounded man might need his help. He returned to Greenwich street, but when he got there nobody was there. There was no body laying on the street or any signs of a murder that had been committed. The doctor wondered what was going on. Did he imagine the whole thing? He went to where he saw the man being knifed and saw no blood, but, only a  puddle of water.

“Whatcha doing here?” came a voice from behind him.

The doctor turn to see a constable standing nearby. He wanted to tell him that he had seen a man being knifed, but, there was no body to show him.

“Are ye deaf? Whatcha doing?” the constable called out again.

“I-I thought I saw something,” the doctor said.

“Saw something? Watcha mean?”

“I-I, it must have been nothing,” the doctor had to admit.

“Nothing! What’s the matter with ye man?”

“I must have mistaken,” the doctor said. “I’ll just leave.”

“That’s right, keep moving along,” the constable said.

The doctor ran back to his loft and stayed in his room for the rest of the night.