Peter’s Shadow

Peter and his shadow, MacFie stood outside in the stillness of the night looking around for signs of Franklin, who had just runaway from the orphanage. Peter looked worried and wondered where his friend had gone. He knew Franklin had been unhappy living at the orphanage and usually kept to himself. He knew Frnaklyn never had plans to sticking around the orphanage he had bigger plans than that. Peter and MacFie decided on one direction and began walking out of the orphanage in to the perils of the city.

“Where do you think he went?” Peter asked MacFie.

“I don’t know, ” MacFie said.

“Do you think he went looking for his parents?”

“That’s probably why he left,” MacFie snapped his fingers.

“Do you think he knows where they are?”

“I don’t even know where he is,” MacFie started to realize that maybe this wasn’t such a great idea. Searching for Franklin was going to be harder than he expected. MacFie knew it was wrong to sneak out of the orphanage, but wasn’t it important to find Franklin before anything bad happened to him?

“Look!” Peter pointed on the wet pavement. It was a small wooden box. Peter quickly picked it up. “It’s Franklin’s keepsake box,” Peter says. “He would never leave this behind.”

“He must have dropped it,” MacFie said.

“I’ll keep it safe for him,” Peter puts it in his pocket. They continue walking a little further. Peter was worried about his friend. What if someone had abducted him? What if he had gotten lost? What if he was hurt? So many what if’s. He had MacFie to protect him, but who did Franklin have? Peter let out a sigh.

“Don’t worry. We’ll find him. He couldn’t have gotten far,” said MacFie. How far was that, he wondered.

“How far would that be?” Peter read his mind. He made a quick glance behind him to see how far they had gotten. He couldn’t see the orphanage any longer. It was probably the farthest he had ever been. He was happy he brought his coat, though it wasn’t winter any longer, it still got cold at night. He wished he had listened more to his friend, maybe he would have known where he went. MacFie had other worries. He only hoped it didn’t rain. He didn’t do so well in the rain. He had seen some dark skies in the horizon.

“MacFie, do you think we will find him?”

“Sure we will,” MacFie didn’t want to upset Peter, though after walking a while now he wasn’t sure they knew where they were going or if they would find him. As long as they stuck together everything would be fine.