The Fantastical World of Writing – Bill Peet (trios)

“NO MORE DUCKS!” was all Peet could shout as he stormed out of the Disney Studios, down the street, and towards his home. Once home, as he had time to cool off, he realized the gravity of his actions. What will he do now? It was apparent to him he would be sacked if he hand’t been yet. As he thought of his next step in life he came to a realization that he had left his jacket back at the studio. It was rather old and dingy, but he was broke and he really couldn’t afford another one.

With his head hung low, the next day he wandered into the studio, down the hall, towards his desk. His co-workers were giving him the silent treatment, most surely condemning his actions the day before. He grabbed his jacket and an envelope that was left for him on his drawing table. He could already tell what it was. There was no mistaken. When he was safely outside he opened the envelope and to his amazement it was a check for $25 dls, a payment for his monster sketches. He was also to report to the story department. He had finally moved up becoming a sketch man.

Peet worked on Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo and Peter Pan as a sketch man. By this time WWII was at its height. He was then made to work on other projects that dealt with the war. He had said that coming out of the war was coming out from a bad dream. He was all too happy to shake the feeling off and start smiling again. After all his hard work and persistence, Walt himself assigned him to do drawings for Cinderella. He was to draw the various mice characters and the villainous cat. His future was finally looking brighter.

Peet didn’t dream of a long career at Disney Studios, he wanted to continue his career as a painter. He wanted to paint American scenes, but soon he was dismayed when he took tours of art gallery’s and realized they weren’t as popular as they were once before. He soon turn to magazine cartoons and worried if they were any funny.  He sent a few  cartoon sketches to all the popular magazines only to be rejected by them all.

to be continued…