The Fox VII

At first, Fox couldn’t smell the smoke, but then the wind blew and the thick soot of burning wood reached his den. His parents realized it was time to go.

“Stay together,” his father would yell and collectively they left the comforts of the burrow, dashing out into the darkness of the forest. They were not the only ones to leave their homes. Birds, mice, rabbits, beavers and other wilds animals absconding the rage of the fire. It was frightening time for everyone. The stampede had grown so large that Fox somehow became separated from his family. He looked for them as he ran and ran. Fear over took him and he became confused in the clutter of the forest animals.

“Father! Mother!” shouted Fox, but his voice was only drowned by the sounds of scattering feet pounding the ground. “Mother! Father!”

Fox was jostled awake by the rain that hit his nose. He woke up with a fright and realized he had been dreaming the night before. But, he knew it wasn’t a dream. He could still smell the smoke lingering in the air as the rain snuffed out the fire. It hadn’t stopped raining since last night and Fox couldn’t recall how he had found cover. It had been an unsettling night, everything else was a blur. Somehow, Fox had found himself alone. He needed to find his family. He curled up and buried his nose behind his tail. He would worry another day, for now he would wait until the rains ceased.