Mr. Roe

Mr. Roe didn’t ever go out without his top hat and cane. He never left home without them even while he strolled about the park and town. He would take one quick into the mirror, give himself a wink and off he would saunter out the door. With the bright sun above, he would look up to the yellow star and smile.

“Hallo, Mr. Sun,” Mr. Roe would say. “Good to see you to.”

Mr. Roe had a skip to his walk, he would twirl his cane and greeted the passers-by that he came upon. He enjoyed his strolls and almost forgot that someone was walking right behind him. When he looked down, his smile disappeared when he saw the shadow that always followed his every step. His nurse. He also never left home without her. He had tried many times to lose her, but she was an invariably companion he couldn’t shake off.

“Why can’t you let me be,” he would yell at her.

“You very well know I can’t,” she would say. “It’s my job to keep you company at all times, Mr. Roe.”

“I release you of your duties,” he would screeched. “Now, go away.”

“It’s not that simple, Mr. Roe.”

“It is for me.”

Mr. Roe was eager to lose her and began picking up his pace. He would look over his shoulder to make sure she was out of reach. When he didn’t see her, he took a sharp colliding with a young boy.

Mr. Roe was startled. “Young man, watch where you are going,” he told the boy.

“I’m sorry mister,” apologized the lad. “I didn’t see you.”

“I’m hardly someone you can miss,” Mr. Roe patted his robust girth. “Next time pay more attention,” he shook his finger to the boy.

“Yes, sir,” the boys said.

Mr. Roe looked around. “Now, where was I going,” he sputtered.

“Are you lost?” asked the boy.

“Lost? What an absurd thing to say,” Mr. Roe looked around for the street number. “I know this city like the back of my hand.”

“In that case can you help me?”

“Help you? How so?”

“Well, I’m lost myself,” the boys said. “I was with Father Clery and the other boys when I got lost.”

“Oh, my,” Mr. Roe became worried. “That would actually make two of us.”

“I thought you said you knew the city like the back of your hand?”

“Well, it’s change since I last been here.”

“How long ago was that?”

Mr. Roe scratched his hand. “I can’t say.”

The boy became despondent. What were they to do now?  On Talking Terms

to be continued