The Fox VI

It had been a frightful night, the fire had spread rapidly, causing a stampede that lasted all through the night. In the swirl of the grey smoke, Fox had separated from his family. He shouted for them, but his voice was stifled from the din around him. As his lungs filled with the suffocating smoke, he became disoriented and through the confusion he had gotten lost. Form his view, there was chaos everywhere, quadruped of every animal, dashed by him, one after another.

Exhaustion had caused Fox to slow down. The others didn’t seem to notice him and he was almost trampled by the larger ones. It wasn’t long when he noticed he was being left behind. Fox tried to catch up, but he couldn’t. He could feel the heat on his hind legs as the fire wasn’t too far behind. It seemed hope was about to vanish when a suddenly Fox felt a few drops of rain fall on his head.

The rain came pouring down saving the forest from the destruction of the fire. It was a respite for Fox. The rain kept falling and soon the discombobulation, dry, and scorching land had turned wet, muddy and cool. Soon everything became unrecognizable, every path and tree looked the same, Fox couldn’t snuffle where the others had gone. The scent had vanished. Fox was alone. For him, the night didn’t seem to end.