The Fox IV

Fox wondered when he would ever be ready to go his way, but he didn’t have to wonder for long. One night, when everything was still, a shout from above alerted the animals from below.

“Everybody hurry away!” an eagle warned the others. “There is a fire approaching! You must leave!”

Fox’s parents hearing the premonitory, peaked out of the den to see if there was a fire. They wondered if what the eagle was saying was true, after all he did prey on them. They could see the eagle soaring high above, shouting the same warnings. Other small creatures stood in the cover of their homes wondering the same thing.

“Why should we believe you?” shouted a rabbit from a nearby log.

“What I say is true,” shouted the eagle. “It has burnt down my home. The others have fled to the north. I wouldn’t be here but the winds have altered the course of the fire and it is now coming this way.”

“Is this the truth, eagle?” shouted another rabbit.

“It is,” the eagle said. “I am on my way to warn my fellow brothers in the east. You must leave as soon as you can. You don’t have much time to leave.” As quickly as he had appeared he left.

“Maybe he is telling the truth?” Fox heard his mother say to father.

“I wouldn’t trust an eagle to tell the truth,” snorted father.

Other animals must have thought the same because they all stood murmuring about what the eagle said. It was worrisome to hear that a fire was approaching. They would have to leave their homes and find shelter some place else and that could days. Food and water would be hard to forage and families would be separated. It wasn’t long before a stampede of other animals ran across the forest, fleeing the fire.

“Run,” they shouted. “The fire is coming! Its coming!” On Talking Terms