The Legend of Archibal: The General III

“It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, Archibal.”

“Aye, it has, Markus. How have you’ve been coming along?”

“I’ve managed the best I could. Of course this is only temporary,” he pointed to the blindfold.

“Of course,” Archibal unable to abjure his truth.

“So tell me, what kind of journey are you on, Archibal?”

“A personal one,” Archibal responded. “I’ve been on a search for the Black Moon Lily.”

“The Black Moon Lily, is that so? I haven’t seen one since the war.”

“Aye, hence my unexpected visit. I’ve been told they grow around these marshes.”

“I hate to disappoint you, Archibal, but those flowers have been eradicated by the war. My daughter use to bring them in from the marsh. The marsh has dried up since… May I ask the need for this flower?”

“Not at all. I’ve heard they are very medicinal. I need them to cure an ill friend.”

“I’m sorry to hear your friend is ill. I wish I can help you further.”

“Your hospitality is enough, dear friend.”

A door slams and in walks in Markus’s daughter, Sarah.

“Ludicrous these people are,” Sarah gripes. “Superstitious they’ve become. Lita, just stopped me to talk about some blasted light up in the mountain. Asked me if I didn’t anticipate it. What hocus pocus goes around here? I think they have a wild imagine. They are worse than children.” She paused enough to see the fire burning in the fireplace. “Oh, you started the fire.” She finally notices Archibal standing nearby. He was a tall, intimidating figure, dressed in a dark tunic, a steady gaze and long black hair and beard. It frightened Sarah.