Dear Reader,

When I think of Walt Disney I think of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The life like movements of Snow white, her impeccable beauty with her red cape and blue dress. She represented the goodness in the world. The Queen, in contrast, was the evil we all face in our lives. She had a different kind of beauty that was regal and stern.

Working at Walt Disney in the early 1930’s wasn’t anything spectacular. It was hard work and dedication. The work was daunting with long hours and little pay. That wouldn’t inspire many to create great stories, but it did. Creating something great isn’t a five minute process. Anyone with a passion will tell you that they took as long as they had too, whether it took five hours or ten days. Dedication is what made them create great stories.

The Inbetween Department was a dark and silent dungeon as it was described, with no windows at all. Only dim lamps glowed on every desk where shadowy figures could be seen hoovering over their work on their drawing table. Only the sounds of their scribbling could be heard. First month, working at the Inbetween Department was important to the ambitious animator. They worked hard and took it seriously, but with time it became a travail job.

That didn’t stop many of them. After Snow White came out in 1937, it exhilarated many to become great animators. Who didn’t want to create such spectacular animations? That is why they came to California to work for a place where they can let their creativity shine. I remember watching that move when I was four. It was magical. Walt Disney, himself had been imbued to rewrite this childhood story and many others he had grown up with as a child.

Just as, J.K. Rowling was inspired by Elizabeth Goudge when she wrote “The Little White Horse.” While Mrs. Goudge was inspired to write the “Island Magic” in 1934, based on the Channel Island stories her mother told her. Mrs. Goudge had visited this island as a child many times, emboldening her to write her book.

Everyone is inspired by something, a thought, a memory, an allegory or simply someone else story. On Talking Terms