Father Clery: Laugh I

Father Clery always traveled a long way to visit his parishioners no matter how far they lived. He often traveled through mountains, sleet or snow, but it didn’t slow him down. While he was visiting a neighbor another neighbor called upon him. It was an emergency he was told by the young daughter and he needed to be there in a flash. Father Clery sensed the urgency and hurried off to visit her father, a rich farmer.

At the home, the worried daughter and her husband were waiting in the living room, pacing the floor with uneasiness.

“Oh, Father, thank you for coming over so quickly, but its my father,” she was quite distressed.

“What is the matter with your father?” Father Clery empathetic to her concerns.

“Well,” she hesitated.

“He’s not well,” intervened her husband.

“Is he that sick?” Father Clery only assumed the worst.

“He might as well be,” said the husband.

“It is that serious?” said Father Clery.

“It is,” said the daughter. “You see, Father… He simply won’t stop laughing.”

Father Clery relaxed and smiled. “Is that all?”

“Is that all?” the daughter sounded horrified at the comment. “You don’t understand… Because he won’t stop laughing, he won’t stop eating. He will kill himself if he doesn’t.”

“I see,” said Father Clery. “It does sound serious.”

“Can you help us, Father?” the daughter inquired.

“I will certainly try,” he said. “Where is he?”

“He’s right in there,” the daughter pointed to two sliding doors that were closed.

That must be the parlor room, thought Father Clery. The husband slid open the doors making visible a large, long table cluttered with every dish Father Clery has never seen. It was a feast all right with a large, roasted turkey, surrounded with dishes of corn, peas, mashed potatoes, cooked beets, pies of every kind, gravy, bread and butter.

Form one end, Father Clery could hear the father laughing heartily as he ate with gusto. On Talking Terms

to be continued…