Dear Reader,

Writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone. I can attest to that. I’ve ready plenty of books in my lifetime and many have either inspired me or suppressed my joy for reading. Writing must be done with a passion, with an internal flame that ignites the imagination, a desire to tell a wonderful story, making colors spark as they form the images in my head.

I have always wondering why writers write. The most famous writers of the eighteen century wrote because they were propelled to share something with us. They wanted us to see what they saw, feel what they felt and live an honorable life they thought was worth living; or maybe to let us see the other side of the tracks.

Inspiration comes in different ways for everyone and with inspiration comes the throes of passion. That inner feeling that stimulates their imagination and compels them write endlessly. They want to tell us a story, a great story. That stirs us emotionally, that lets us explore this fantastical or existing world. They want us to want to be part of that world, be the character, go on a journey of self finding and show us anything is possible. No obstacle is too great.

There was once a story about the beginnings of Walt Disney studios in California. Many who went to work for them in the early 1930’s were probably disappointed when they walked under the sign that read: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS LTD. A shabby hacienda Spanish style building in a neighborhood most would consider skid row. It wasn’t the magical place everyone one imagined it would be. Their disappointment only grew when they enter the bowls of the building and were shown their place of work.

In 1930’s nobody started in the Story Department which is were animators created Snow White or Pinocchio. It was the Inbetween Department they all went for a tryout. The tryout was two weeks without pay or as they would say in the day, ‘at your own expense.’ If they liked you they kept you if they didn’t you were out the door. That probably dishearten many future animators.On Talking Terms

to be continued…