The Fantastic World of Writing – (Washington Irving II)

It was one Autumn, when the leaves on the trees turned into a rich auburn red with a hint of copper yellow, swayed as they breeze blew through them. If you listened closely you could hear the trees moving along with the wind, rocking to and fro in one motion as they creaked. The grass has turned into a Baroque Gold while changes of autumn have goes under way the smell of pumpkin and cinnamon wafts through the air. It inspires anybody to write. But, Washington was always inspired.

Washington had a zealous in his writing. He persevered when most could barely make a living from their writing.  What should be admiring about him is that during the 1800’s he was one of the few American authors to earn a living with his writing alone. Not many succeeded and many failed. It was a difficult profession sought by rejection, misfortunes, and frustration. Oh, but, he was greatly admired by Edgar Allen Poe and even wrote to Irving, eagerly seeking his advised.

Mr. Irving always received letters such as Poe’s asking for such advice. He would encourage these future writers, telling them to tread on, tread on. That was all Poe needed to continue writing.  By 1819, Irving, wrote another sensational book, ‘The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent.’ ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,’ appeared in in the installment of ‘The Sketch.’

Irving followed his advice and never ceased writing. Even well into his seventies he continue to write and correspond with friends and admirers. He was immensely popular and never out of reach from his writers. He even wrote the biography of George Washington from where his namesake came from.On Talking Terms