The Beguiled Sorcerer X

What would Solomon do, indeed? “I hear a certain Captain is searching for you,” said Solomon. “Captain Storm.”

“I have never heard of a Captain Storm,” said Wolfrie.

“Another fib,” said the man.

“I don’t fib,” Wolfrie argued. He wasn’t going to go back to Captain Storm. He had swore to never return to that wretched ship. He dreaded the long days on the water and the smell of the endless ocean. The thoughts swirled in his mind like a tornado. “Never!” he yelled, with all his wit he manage to escape from the sorcerer. He ran as fast as he could, over hills, through the forest, climbed mountains, sloshed through swamps and swim through the rivers and lakes. He never faltered, never dared to stop, and never looked behind his shoulder.

Though, many never saw Wolfrie ever again, a man named Solomon was heard living in a cave as a hermit. Captain Storm had heeded the rumors, especially when this Solomon had stated numerous times that he himself killed a man named Wolfrie. Curiosity piqued the Captain’s interest and decided to go searching for this hermit. What he found was a man with long shaggy hair and beard, long, dirty nails and threadbare clothes. The Captain was shocked at the man’s appearance, but he instantly recognized Wolfrie.

Wolfrie refuted it. “I am Solomon,” he repeated. “I am Solomon, the great sorcerer.”

Captain Storm, took back Wolfrie to his ship where he continued his duties on board, all the while telling anyone who cared to hear that he was Solomon. For years to come, Wolfrie never admitted to the truth and some even came to believe him others berated him. He eventually married an retired from the sea.

When Wolfrie was an old man, he died saying Solomon’s name. His daughter believed he was Solomon, the great sorcerer and continue to argue with those that believed other wise. So that is the story of an obstinate man who thought who could fool the world.  The End.