We Stick Together

Once upon a time there lived five brothers. There was George, Francis, Joseph, Madison and Albert. George was the eldest and Albert was the youngest, they also had a sister named Genevieve. These five brothers grew up together and stuck together through thick and thin. They had quarrels among each other like brothers do and just like brothers they set aside their differences to reconcile with each other. They had their bad traits and good traits – regardless of how you see it – they accepted all those qualities and saw only good in each other. When Albert fell in love at seventeen he decided to marry his girl; being too young his brothers were determined to break up the relationship. However, they quickly realized their mistake and they mended their ways, asking for Albert’s forgiveness.

Being part of their family meant you were committed to one another, united by strong family values and religious morals. There was endless love and respect for each other.

“We stick together,” was their motto. When a dear friend was killed in Pearl Harbor, they were incited to fight back. Together in 1942 they joined the Navy. In the midst of a battle in the Solomon Islands the ship Juneau they all were aboard on had entered into war. Just ten months after the brothers had enlisted the Juneau sank, none of the brothers survived.

These were the Sullivan Brothers, determined and courageous brothers from Waterloo, IA. Their story presented them as heroes during WWII. They were the poster image of brave soldiers who fought and died for their country. They left behind memories of family unity and admiration which their mother, father, sister, Albert’s wife and son continued to uphold among each other.

They represented the union of a family who stood together through tough times and cherished the good ones. They weren’t perfect but they made the most of what they had with each other. They didn’t try to change who the other person was but merely accepted one another’s faults and as they were quick to criticize they were quick to commend. As Aishwarya Rai Bachchan said, “My family is my strength and my weakness.”   M. Stieg