The Beguiled Sorcerer IX

Wolfrie had a sleepless night. He was desperate and exhausted. He had a few hours left before the duel was said to began. He thought of running away, until friends and families heard of the duel. They came running to his side to show their support, even a few of his nemesis urge him to duel. If he did not accept the duel, than it would show he was not the real Solomon. Wolfrie had gone this far he might as well go through it all.

By six, he shows up at the duel. The man claiming to be the real Solomon shows up. They take out their wands and almost instantly the fight ensues. The man sends Wolfrie flying in the sky, landing hard on the ground. Wolfrie stands up and shoots at the man, but misses. The man hits him again and again. Wolfrie didn’t want to be made the fool and shoots back. Wolfrie recognizes he doesn’t have a chance and decides to flee, the man pursues him. Through this chase, firing of magic are exchanged.

For ten years, the duel continues. Wolfrie is exhausted and worn down. He had ben chased all over by the man who says he is Solomon, most of Wolfrie supporters had faded away or died by old age. The mans was not going to give up and Wolfrie knew it. He hid on top a mountain to rest, but the man found him. Wolfrie knew he couldn’t run any longer and this man wouldn’t stop chasing him. He had to persuade the man to desists. He had no other way, he had long lost the wand.

“I thought you wouldn’t get far,” said the man, pointing the wand at him.

“Wait, wait,” begged Wolfrie. “Can’t I reason with you?”

“Reason?” said the man. “When you decided to be Solomon, there was no reasoning when you adopted the identity. Why would you want to reason now?”

“Maybe I took it too far,” said Wolfrie. “I confess, I am not Solomon.”

“Who are you?” said the man.

“I’m Wolfrie. A poor man’s son. I will give you back your fortress, everything that is yours. If you spare me my life.”

“Why would I spare your life? You took what was mine.”

“I didn’t think to take it this far. I only- I only wanted to be a sorcerer.”

“Do you know what we do with imposters?”

“I wouldn’t know.”

“We throw them in the dungeons.”

“What will you do with me?” On Talking Terms

to be continued..