Father Clery

Father Clery was a busy man, never ceasing to visit many of his parishioners. Along the way, he had stopovers with his friends. One of these friends was a man that lived in a hotel. He was an inventor, an eccentric inventor at that. He was a lively man, with long black hair and an unkempt appearance. He was completely absorbed in his inventions he sometimes forgot to bathe or eat.

Father Clery made his regular visits with Alois, the inventor to make sure he was all right. When he opened the door, he found the man deeply in thought, staring at some papers in front of him. Alois, had once been a handsome young fellow, with wavy dark hair, dark eyes, and aristocratic visage. He was rather tall and slim, but his dashing good looks had eroded and all anyone saw was a slipshod man who forgot to live beyond his ideas.

Though, Alois was not youthful and handsome as he erstwhile was, he still kept his energy and wits about him. “Good day, Alois,” Father Clery greeted him.

“Who-huh-what?” Alois was a bit absent minded when it came to time. He could spend days thinking and creating ideas without realizing that night had turned to day and that winter had become spring. “Is it spring already?” Alois looked baffled. Father Clery always visited Alois on the first day of spring as the snow melted away giving away to clearer roads. Father Clery was unable to travel during the winter since his horse drawn coach was unable to tread through the deep, deep snow.

“Yes it is,” Father Clery.

“That means it is time for tea,” Alois said and set about to make tea and take out some biscuits. In no time they were sitting down with a cup of hot tea and some confections that Father brought along, knowing any food in Alois hotel room was either stale or rotten.

“What have you been up to, Alois?” Father Clery sipped his tea.

“I have been envisioning,” Alois said enthusiastically.

 “Is that so,” said Father Clery.

“Since I can remember I have had these visions with bright lights,” said Alois. “Of scenes I have never imagined. One day, I will invent something that will print these images from my mind. It all started when I use to see an aura around my cat as a child. I was an excellent student, exceling in my studies. I superior to the other students. Most people would say I was obsessed with my education, but I state otherwise.” It was typical of Alois to ramble on about different subjects. Sometimes he would forget what he was talking about, other times he would forget that Father Clery was present and resume his tinkering in his inventions.

“My brother saw these visions too,” Alios became sad. “But, I don’t want to talk about that.”

“I understand,” said Father Clery. After their tea and a bit more of Alois’s prattle, Father thanked his hostess and bid farewell to Alois who barely heard him as he stood over a clutter of papers. On Talking Terms