The Beguiled Sorcerer VI

Wolfrie was accepted as Solomon by various family members, servants, adviser and friends. Only a few repudiated the claim. He wasn’t Solomon, they would argue, he is too short and too thin. Solomon stood taller and was very portly. Wolfrie had good manners and was refined while Solomon was the opposite of what other considered polished. Wolfrie couldn’t read well and Solomon read everything from Latin to German. Wolfrie could barely understand when spoken to in German. That didn’t stop Wolfrie to adopt Solomon’s persona.

The old woman, Solomon’s mother, considered him to be her son. She dotted on him, taught him a few spells which he continued to practice when he was alone. Solomon contained an impressive collection of books in his fortress and though, Wolfrie had trouble reading, he made use of Solomon’s wand and spells. It was of course a disaster. He had turned Solomon’s fortress upside down. Brooms wouldn’t stop sweeping, pots and pans floated about in the kitchen, objects became animated and began having a will of their own.

It frustrated Wolfrie, but he couldn’t desist using magic, it was too tempting, even when he was being chased by a duster that would clout him on the head whenever it could. Wolfrie studying day and night to perfect his skills in magic. People who supported his claim of being Solomon would gladly help him out.  Though, Wolfrie did not count on making enemies out of those that disliked Solomon in the first place.

to be continued..