The Beguiled Sorcerer I


Did I ever tell you the story of Wolfrie, the Imposter, who thought who could fool everyone without a care. But it wasn’t as easy as this pretending wizard thought it would be, to play a mountebank and still think he could get away with it scot-free. So here it goes, story of a man who masqueraded as a famous wizard.

It all began some time ago, when he was an apprentice to Captain Storm, a man and his crew who sailed the seven seas. Wolfrie hated the sea and worst of all he wanted to be a wizard not a seaman on a ship. Wolfrie dreamed of the day he would get away and become a great wizard like the ones he heard of during his travels. But you see, Wolfrie could not escape his fate, he was sold off to Captain Storm, a large, muscular man with Vikings blood running through his veins. He was a scary man, indeed, with a temperament to match. Most thought, Captain Storm was a pirate but he was not, just an explorer and trader was how he lived and sailed, day and night.

When Wolfrie had turned thirteen, his father thought it was time his son needed a profession. He first became an apprentice to a chandler man who made candles, but Wolfrie was not good at candle making and would mess up the recipe many times before.

“Wolfire!” the chandler would say. “You have mixed too much too fast, the flame is too high, don’t let it drip too much, don’t dip that way, make them nice and thin not fat and short, let them dry. Wolfrie, why don’t you ever listen to me.”

Wolfrie would make a mess and could never make a perfect candle, but soon the chandler became tired of  Wolfrie. The last straw came when he almost burnt the chandler’s shop to smithereens. The chandler threw Wolfrie out, telling his father he wasn’t cut out for making candles, try the glazier, maybe he will do better and that was Wolfrie’s father did. M. Stieg

to be continued…