The Alchemist V

He moved around for a while and was handed another invitation by his sympathizer, Vernes who lived faraway. Jacques accepted and stayed in the home of this sympathizer. But one day, an anonymous letter was published in the journals, stating secrets that only Vernes was privy to. Jacques was outraged. How can his host do such a thing? Jacque’s anger only grew when he discovered Vernes lodging in another home with one of Jacques enemies. Jacques accused him of being vile.

Vernes denounces him of killing his master and stealing his secrets and overtaking his estate. Who was vile then? Deeply hurt, Jacques wrote an twenty page letter describing his resentment, which Vernes accused him of going mad. Shaken and upset, Jacques resumed a life as a drifter. During this time he became interested in the elixir of life and went on the search for it. He also began to write a journal about the experience in the hopes he redress his errors. In it, he disclosed that he in fact was not able to convert iron, lead, nickel and copper into gold but believed they had other properties that made them equally important. That love can be eternal without a potion. As for the elixir of life.

He confessed that life has been ever lasting for him as he finds forgiveness for those that caused him injustices. In his final years, Jacques keeps a solitary life, studying botany and collecting specimens of rare plants and flowers. Along his search for rare plants, he accidently falls upon the panchrest. Panchrest was a substance that alchemist consider it the cure all for diseases. It wasn’t the elixir of life, but it prolonged life for as long as those who use it. Jacques keeps the secret to himself. The End.