The Alchemist IV

Jacques fled his country. He did have sympathetic observers such as Vernes, and was even invited by a King to come and stay with him. This King, at the moment, was in the middle of a war with another country. When Jacques received the invitation he suggested to the King that he should end the war and instead turn his attention to his subjects who needed to be maintained happy, since he was at their mercy. The invitation was dissolved. Many who met Jacques felt he was wicked, cruel, ungrateful, and sucked the ideas of any alchemist and wizard and used them for himself.

Jacques indeed was a hated men among the other alchemists, even wizards were weary of him, while men despised his ideas. Jacques felt he spoke the truth and truth was hard to swallow. He had the right to speak his mind, and the liberty to write as he wishes, but not all agreed with him.

 Jacques became a fugitive for two years, running from place to place and along the way made other friends that sympathized with him. One of these friends, offered him to move to a tiny Island where he could live in a solitary house. Jacques accepted the offer after being assured he would not be arrested or hanged. His friend assured him so. For two years he lived on the island perfecting his skills in alchemy. When the King of Canton became aware that Jacques was living on this island, which was part of their kingdom, they requested Jacques to leave and that he had fifteen days to do so. Jacques wrote back, asking for permission to extend his stay until he finished his fourth book. The King of Canton wrote back and directed Jacques to leave the island in twenty-four hours. M. Stieg

to be continued