The Alchemist II

When Jacques turned ten, his father one day packed up and abandon him forever. Jacques went to go live with his great Uncle, another alchemist that had better success than his father. But his Uncle was impassive and distant towards Jacques. He sent him to be an apprentice to a swords maker, when that didn’t work out he was sent to a cauldron maker, then to a wand maker and finally to a wizard, who would beat him. He shortly ran away but when he returned to his Uncle, he found the doors bolted shut. His Uncle had banished him from his home, feeling Jacques was an embarrassment.

Angered by his abandonment, he swore vengeance on all who did him wrong. He would prove to them he was worthy. Jacques worked as a servant for an alchemist far less known but lived off the riches of his families estate. He was an old man and taught Jacques a few things. He would even let Jacques read his large collection of books about potion, spells and herbology he kept in the dungeon. At night, when the old man was asleep, he would practice alchemy without the old man knowing. He applied himself to every subject he read over and over. He was dedicated day and night and even impressed his master. Then the old man died quite suddenly and left everything to Jacques. M. Stieg

to be continued