The Alchemist

Let me tell you about a man named, Jacques. He was born somewhere in France from a long line of alchemists. His father had some success while his grandfather had greater success with turning zinc into gold. Jacques felt privileged and prideful for being born into an important family. Though, there were things that they kept hidden from Jacques. His father, when he was younger had murdered a famous wizard in belief that he had stolen his ‘Elixir of Life,’ and given it to St. Germain, a count. Jacques father was sentenced to twenty years of harsh labor in the coldest region of the lands as punishment. When he finished his sentence he married Jacques mother, Madam La Motte.

Madam La Motte, herself, had stolen alkahest (a substance that dissolves every substance even gold) from another wizard and for her punishment he left her a ghastly scar across her face. He could have taken her life, but he chose to reprieve her, just this once. If she did it again, there would be no mercy. Learning her lesson she went back home and married. Jacques was born a year later. His mother died quite suddenly and his father was left to care for him. Jacques father was not a very good alchemist, in fact he was so substandard that he kept blowing up his lab. He finally gave it up and went to work for a wizard. Jacques never learned the truth, never knew about his parents past. M. Stieg

to be continued.