Father Clery

Father Clery was a mild manner man. He was tall and handsome with bright brown eyes and dark hair, not someone you would expect to be a priest. When he first told his parents he wanted to be a priest it broke his mother’s heart and disappointed his father. Once he became ordain he never saw them again. As a Father, he travelled everywhere, giving sermons and gaining the experience he needed to be a good faith leader.

He finally settled at St. Mary’s Orphanage School for Boys. It was a small church, a small place indeed, nestled in the corner of the city. No more than twenty boys lived there. They were all good boys no older than twelve. Besides Father Clery, two more Fathers’ resided in the orphanage. But Father Clery did not just live and work at the orphanage, other times he had to travel outside the city to a town called Asbjorn. Father Clery rode in his horse and buggy to travel about. The town of Asbjorn was quaint and unlike some towns who disliked strangers, were use to travelers coming and going. The town had a tiny church that could probably fit half the people, the rest had to stand outside.

At the back of the church he had a small bedroom that he used when he was in town. He got his meals from the Swan Inn, a popular tavern that was famous for its food, ale and stories. Father Clery knew everybody in town even the ones that never attended church.

The Legend of Archibal

  to be continued