Peter’s Shadow IV


“MacFie, you have until the third night to return home. If by then, you have not, you will become that what most fear and I cannot help you then,” she faded away. “Hurry. Hurry home.”

MacFie understood and without haste began his journey back home. He had flown so far that he fell asleep in midflight. He realized he had traveled a long distance that he did not have time to stop and rest anymore. He had to hurry home. The morning came and MacFie awoke still flying. He yawned and stretched never stopping a moment to rest. He had much too far to go. It took him almost the whole day to get back. He was happy to see he was almost home but then he had realized he had forgotten where Peter lived. It was a church, he thought, no, no it was a school or was it an orphanage.

“Oh, no,” he said. “I’ve forgotten where he lives. Was that the first sign of becoming a creeping shadow.” Who could he ask? He had entered the town and looked down at the people walking by, their shadows trailing behind them. “Maybe I can ask them.” He approached the shadows. “Excuse me,” he said to one. “I need to know–” But they simply passed him by, ignoring his presence. “Can you help me? Can someone give me directions. I need to find my master.” But they paid no mind to MacFie. He began to worry as he saw the sun drifting to the east. He had a few more hours before the sun set. What was he to do?

When he thought hope was lost, he recognized Father Clery. He walked on the other side of the street, with his black tweel cap. MacFie dashed through the crowd, across the bustle of the street and reached Father Clery before he turned the corner. They went home as the sun began to set. When MacFie saw the orphanage his heart thumped in excitement. He quickly went searching for Peter and found him sitting on his bed, looking down on the floor. MacFie slide into Peter’s view and danced on the floor to make his presence known.

“MacFie!” Peter called out. “Your back! I thought you were never coming back. I’m glad your here.”

MacFie smiled, it was true what Evelyn had said Peter had missed him. The End.

The Legend of Archibal

The picture I have posted if of actress Evelyn Venable. She was the voice and model for the Blue Fairy in Walt Disney’s Pinocchio (1940). She was also my inspiration for the fairy I used in Peter’s story.