Peter’s Shadow III


In the dead of the night, while the full moon overlooked into Peter’s room, his shadow floated away from his side. None were aware that MacFie, the shadow, had become detached. MacFie sailed across the room until he awoke to see Peter on the other end of the room. At first, he blinked a few times unalarmed. By the third blink he began to realize what had happened. Startled, he awoke with a fright. How was this possible, he thought, can it be real, it has to be a dream. But it wasn’t a dream. The more he thought about the more he became aware that he was… Free!.

“I’m free!” he began to say. “I can go anywhere I wish to go. I can do whatever I want.” Without wasting anymore time he dashed out the window in the night cool air. He flew as high as the moon, as high as he could go. When he looked down he saw the small blackened city with its blinking lights below. With great interest he flew closer to get a better look. He was marveled by the sights and sounds. He dove under a bridge, he glided on the river, he flew around buildings and cars. He flew and flew until he began to tire out. He found a cliff where he decided to rest. He laid down and glanced up at the stars. This was an amazing adventure and decided he would have another one tomorrow. Why not have one everyday! He sighed a blissful sigh.

“I’m never going back,” he finally decided. “I have so much to see. Peter will not miss me. He probably will forget about me. He never knew I was there until he looked down. Why should I go back? I will go and have my adventure. So be it.” And he did just that.

The next morning he did not return and when Peter awoke he discovered that MacFie was gone. He had gotten use to seeing his shadow. It comforted him. It made him feel less alone. Now he was completely alone. Through the day he searched for MacFie. He looked down whenever he saw the sun shine above. He saw other children and their shadows. He felt sad. Where was his shadow? Did he not like being his friend? With a long sigh, Peter returned to his room.

Meanwhile, MacFie was having too much fun flying about. He quickly had forgotten about Peter, but Peter had not forgotten about him. By the second night, MacFie laid on a field, underneath the stars when a light approached him. MacFie had fallen asleep and didn’t see the light floating above him. In an instant, it transformed into a beautiful female fairy. She had short brown hair, lovely blue eyes, and a slim figure. “MacFie. MacFie, wake up,” she gently coaxed.

MacFie slowly opened his eyes. He had to blink three times before he was aware of her. She smiled at him. MacFie sat up in surprise. “Who–Who are you?” he said.

“I’m Evelyn,” she said. “MacFie, I’ve been watching you. You have strayed too far from home.”

“How do you know my name?”

“I know every ones name. I know you wished to be free for one night and I granted you the wish. But now, you must go back.”

“I–I don’t want to go back.”

“But you must. Peter misses you so. If you don’t go back you will always wander alone. Nobody will hear you or see you and Peter will forget you soon enough, just as you have forgotten about him.”

“He doesn’t need me and I still have much to see.”

“He does need you? Shadows that never return to their masters will be the creatures that people are afraid of. Do you want people to be afraid of you, MacFie?”

MacFie thought about it. He had seen those shadows Evelyn was talking about, lurking in the darkness, never venturing into the light. They were feared and hated by most. They followed no one, masters of their own will but of the cost of being shunned. They were miserable and felt no love or happiness. They were also cursed to live in the darkness. Did MacFie wanted that? He had never really thought about it.

The Legend of Archibal