Mrs. Yule

Mrs. Bethamore Yule lived with her two spinsters daughters, Geraldine and Mildred. Her daughters worked at the Swan Inn. Geraldine was the head cook while Mildred made the pastries. Like their food, Geraldine was soured in character while Mildred was kind and generous. They were good daughters, always taking care of Mrs. Yule. While they left for work everyday, Mrs. Yule took the liberties to wander about town. Sometimes she would sit on the bench in the park and watch people pass by. Other times she took long strolls that lead her into the cemetery where her husband had been buried fifty years ago.

There was nothing special about Mrs. Yule, she would claim only that she was one hundred and twenty years old. She had told the stories a hundred times to her daughters but they didn’t believe her. It was a crazy story, nevertheless, it was true. She didn’t live to be a hundred and twenty years old by chance. Long, long time ago before she ever married she was ambling through the woods when she encountered an old elf. He was feeble and limp, supported by a wooden cane. She approached him and began to converse with him. He told her he was five hundred years old and he had see the world change. All his family was gone, even his friends and foes. He was tired now and wanted to lay down, but he couldn’t.

He bared a secret no one ever knew. A secret he kept around his neck. He had been looking for someone to take the burden off of him and carry the necklace that kept him alive. He was ready to go. She told him she would help him dispose of the necklace and carry the burden herself. He agreed and gave her necklace which she placed around her neck. He bid her farewell and died in her arms.

To this day Mrs. Yule carries the necklace and has lived to an old age. She still enjoys the wonderful things life has offered her. Though, not many have come to accept her story but they agree she was rather quite old. The only two people that believe her was Walter and his friend Alden. The Mayor of the town remembers her when he was a child and she was considered the most beautiful woman in town. She could have married anyone and was even courted by the wealthiest bachelors, but her eyes had been set by the penniless musician. He could play the flute, the piano, the violin, and the trumpet. He had courted and won her heart. They eventually married and had two daughters. They were never wealthy but they were never without food or wood for the fire. Mrs. Yule taught her daughters to bake while her husband taught music. They were a happy family. Legend of Archibal