Peter’s Shadow II

“MacFie, it will be,” agreed Peter. Where ever Peter went his shadow went or rather MacFie went. When the sun was out, Peter and MacFie spent the day together make believing the School’s courtyard was an open ocean floor or an endless swamp and they had to make their escape as they battled all kinds of creatures. When the sun hid and grey clouds hovered over them, though, Peter could not see him, MacFie assured him he was still there. They had so much fun that when recesses ended they had to stop because Peter had to go back inside. It was a sad time for MacFie, he didn’t want Peter to go.

“Where are you going?” MacFie wanted to know. “We were just in the middle of treasure finding.”

“I have to go back to class,” Peter said.

“Why? Weren’t we having fun?” MacFie said.

“We were but I have to go back to class.”


“Because I go to school.”

“Do you have fun there?”

“Not really. Father Clery said that I should learn things so I am not like those that believed the world was flat,” but when  Peter walked inside MacFie disappeared. Maybe he would see MacFie later and thought no more of him. Peter lived at St. Mary’s Orphanage School for Boys, where he was also schooled. Peter had been abandon at two years old on a cold, rainy  day. He did not recall his parents not even remember their faces. Peter could not feel sad about it because he never met them. There were many other orphans at St. Mary’s, some had even been abandon by their parents when they were just seven. It was harder for them to adjust but Father Clery would take them under his tutelage as he had taken Peter. There were other Father’s of course but Father Clery was different, besides being understanding and patient with each boy he read to them and told them stories. Though, like most father’s he did not tolerate being lied to or disobeyed but his punishments were never severe. “The punishment will fit the crime,” Father Clery would say.

St. Mary’s was rather a small school, it only housed about 25 boys at a time. The building used to be an old flat built in the  late 1700’s with three floors where the boys lived. Being at St. Mary’s was a blessing, only housing well behaved boys.  Peter had seen vicious boys being sent to the rougher orphanages if their behaviour became disruptive at St. Mary’s. Other  children who were sent to St. Mary’s after being housed in larger orphanages said this was a boon compare to where they  had been. Attached to the living quarters of the boys was a small chapel where they said their prayers. St. Mary’s was a  quaint little place, indeed.

That night Peter and his shadow, MacFie were gazing up at the moon together. Peter dreamt of someday flying up to touch the moon, while MacFie dreamt about being able to go anywhere without Peter. MacFie wanted to go beyond the distance as far as he could see. They eventually fell asleep, unbeknownst to them that a shooting star dashed across the darkened sky.

Legend of Archibal

to be continued…