A Hunter’s Story IV

Night and day the hunter went searching for the crocotta but never found a trace of it. How can a large creature hide so well? He was sure to find traces of it but he was not dismayed. He has known animals to travel long distance to hunt but the crocotta was not hunting. The hunter was certain of that. He trekked for three days in the north, came back and trekked three days to the west, then to the east and finally returned to the town of Asbjorn. The town had been turned upside down. A few homes had been devastated, and the town folks were shaken to their core.

He headed to the Swan Inn where he was sure he would hear the whole story. The cheers were abound and drinks flowed. “The creature has been slayed,” they sang. “Hip hip Hooray!”

The hunter was not very pleased to hear that. He drank a pint of ale and left the tavern. There was no reason to stay around when the creature was killed. It was time to move on and continue with his quest. He was nearing the outer limits of the town when he heard two brothers talking with other children. The shorter of the two boys was talking about a creature he killed in his den. He called it the crocotta. The hunter perked up and decided to listen to the rest of the story.

“A den,” he muttered. Somewhere out west he had seen some empty dens. He wondered and set out searching for them. It must have taken him a couple of months to find one of the dens but it was empty. The second den contained the bones of some unknown creature. Was it possible it was the crocotta? He was not certain. It looked like any other animal skeleton. By the third den, he found a much greater acquisition. Three whelps whimpered deep in the den.

“Behold,” he smiled. “A much better hunt than I had hoped.”

Maybe he didn’t ever catch the crocotta but he found something more valuable that was worth more alive than dead. He thought about killing them knowing that they might become the ferocious animal they eventually would become but what if they could be trained for a more purposeful deed. The hunter carried the whelps in his game bag and continued with his journey. Legend of Archibal